Cochrane, Alberta – ANT Wireless introduces the N5150M8CD with the latest ANT protocol to its successful N5 module family. The new N5150 module is based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF51422 System-on-Chip with 32kB RAM.

The module supports the latest ANT ultra-low power wireless protocol stacks, the ANT S210 V5.0.0 and concurrent ANT/Bluetooth Smart S310 V3.0.0 SoftDevices that enables an expanded number of scalable ANT channels (15), with full data encryption. The 32kB RAM in the new module allows it to run more computationally-intensive software applications. These innovations provide a new option for developers to create more complex applications and more creative use cases requiring larger memory size, increased connectivity and security.

“With the growth in the type of sensors in a given use case, it will not be long before a display device (e.g. watches, bike computers etc.) will find that its ability to connect to the wanted number of devices is above the channel capacity of the display. With the new N5150, we’ve anticipated those situations where a bike computer will want to connect simultaneously to a heart rate monitor, a cadence sensor, a speed sensor, a power meter, speed shifter, bike lights, video camera, blood pressure monitor, muscle oxygen monitor, temperature sensor, tires sensors and more,” James Fujimoto, Director of ANT Wireless.

Applications in the fast-growing IoT market also demand higher numbers of wirelessly connected nodes, security and intensive computation. The ANT -high node count network demonstration first previewed at the 2015 ANT+ Symposium uses 32 pieces of N5150 modules to form a self-forming and self-healing ANT network topology with channel encryption and smartphone connections.

Product details:

Product: N5150M8CD System-on-Chip (SoC) module
Development kit: N5 starter kit
Physical Size: 9.8x14.0x2.0mm
RF SoC chip: nRF51422-CFAC V3 chip, 32kB RAM, 256kB Flash
Protocols supported: ANT and Bluetooth Smart
Ships with: S210 V5.0.0 ANT stack. Stacks, like S210 V5.0.0 and S310 V3.0.0, are accessible from the website of Nordic Semiconductor
Pricing: [email protected] units
RF regulatory approvals: FCC, IC, CE, TELEC, RCM

The new N5150M8CD System-on-Chip module is globally available now through distributions.

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