Altera and Escape Communications Announce High-capacity Turn-key Modem Solution for E- and V-band Microwave Radios

SAN JOSE, CA -- Altera Corporation and Escape Communications today announced the availability of a high-performance, cost-effective and scalable microwave modem solution that that enables rapid system development and accelerates production shipments for microwave backhaul and fronthaul applications.

•The turn-key platform includes an Arria V FPGA, host processor, Ethernet PHY, and Texas Instruments (TI) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs).
•The platform includes both copper and SFP Ethernet ports and supports CPRI over SFP up to 3 Gbps. For E- and V-band applications, the solution supports up to 256 QAM and RF channel bandwidths to 500 MHz providing data rates greater than 3 Gbps.
•The modem board interfaces with various millimeter wave OEM RF modules, allowing customers flexibility to support multiple, millimeter-wave bands; it also features adaptive coding and modulation (ACM), IEEE 1588v2, and SyncE support.
•For licensed band applications, the platform supports up to 4096 QAM in 112 MHz and 1024-QAM in 224 MHz channels and is offered as IP or board solution.

Seamless Integration with Analog and RF Partners, TI and Infineon

The Escape platform (ESM-5008) integrates TI's 12-bit, 800-MSPS ADC (ADS5402) and 16-bit, 1.25 GSPS DAC (DAC5682Z) on a compact 159-mm x 159-mm board and is provided with link management software. The ESM-5008 platform operates with multiple microwave and millimeter-wave modules enabling support for traditional and emerging millimeter applications. Altera and Escape are demonstrating full compatibility with the Infineon RF E-band millimeter-wave module (BGT70_80 SMB1) at Mobile World Congress 2015 on March 2 to March 5. To schedule an appointment at the show to see and discuss the solution, contact Altera Wireless Strategic Manager Dave Brubaker of the Communications Business Unit. [email protected]

"Altera and Escape have developed a ready-for market microwave backhaul platform that integrates all the key components for a microwave backhaul and fronthaul solution enabling fast-time to market," said Mike Fitton, Director of Wireless for the Communications Business Unit at Altera. "Altera will continue to support the emerging microwave backhaul market with industry-leading SoC FPGAs as the required data rate continues to expand."

Escape Communications CEO and Founder Mike Stewart stated, "We are pleased to provide this cost-effective, market-ready solution to the emerging V- and E-band markets. This solution, with its integration with our analog and RF partners, shortens the time-to-market for equipment providers, and several OEMs are now driving these into the market. The Escape backhaul modem IP is currently optimized for use on the Altera Cyclone V and Arria V FPGAs and SoCs operating at bandwidths of up to 1 GHz and modulation types from QPSK to 4096 QAM."

For ESM-5008 availability and order information, contact a representative at [email protected] or 310-997-1300.

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