Akitio Announces Industry's First Thunderbolt2, Portable, Bus-Powered, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Adapter

LAS VEGAS, NV – Akitio unveils its new, industry first, portable Thunderbolt2 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter. The Akitio Thunder2 10G Adapter provides an extremely portable 10 Gigabit Ethernet solution. The 10G adapter utilizes a simplified design for high speed, 10GbE networking for modern workstations and ultrabooks which typically lack 1GbE connectivity or the capability to deploy an internal PCIe 10GbE network card (NIC), but may be equipped with a Thunderbolt™ connector capable of delivering up to 20Gbps.

The new Akitio Network Adapter offers a fanless, low-power, small form factor and low-cost 10GbE solution enabling 10GBase-T connectivity for Apple® OS X® and Microsoft® Windows® environments and features the latest Thunderbolt™2 revolutionary I/O technology from Intel®, with transfer speeds of up to 20Gbps. The Akitio Thunderbolt™2 adapter is ideal for notebooks, such as the Apple® MacBook Pro, MacBook AIR and professional workstations that require reliable, accelerated access to external storage and networks for I/O demanding applications.

"We are excited to announce the industry's first bus-powered adapter that brings Thunderbolt™2 technology to 10GBase-T networks, while offering significant power, form factor and cost efficiencies," said Nir Sever, COO at Tehuti Networks, which provides the controller for the new device. "We look forward to enabling a comprehensive line of desktop and notebook products with Thunderbolt™2 technology enabled 10GbE networking."

As a leader in Thunderbolt solutions, Akitio consistently delivers products that optimize performance, speed, power, form factor and cost. Today's increasing demand for media-rich entertainment requires accelerated access to data for the most demanding high-performance applications. Akitio products, such as the Thunder2 10G Adapter, provide users with reliable solutions for accessing and transferring data intensive applications such as 4K video and 3D stereoscopic film, multiple layers of complex, uncompressed real-time effects and high-definition (HD) video and audio editing delivering the best-in-industry aggregate bandwidth and predictable data transfers.

The versatility of the Akitio Thunder2 10G Adapter allows today's small form factor notebook platforms, such as Apple and HP ultrabook systems, to connect into high-performance storage and networks, and address the demands of rapidly evolving work environments by allowing access to enterprise-level data center networks. To ensure cross-compatibility, the Akitio Thunderbolt™2 adapter supports Windows® and OS X® operating systems, enabling users to maintain compatibility with multiple platforms.

"Akitio and Tehuti share the vision of ubiquitous 10 Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity across workstations and ultrabooks driven by Thunderbolt™2," said Richard Wright, Vice President at Akitio. "We view the introduction of the Akitio Thunder2 10G Adapter as a key milestone towards enabling this important industry transformation."

Price & Availability:

The Akitio Thunder2 10G Adapter will be available starting in April for an MSRP of $429.00.

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