Ziptronix Licenses Direct Bond Technology

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Ziptronix, a leading developer of direct bonding technology for advanced semiconductor applications, announced that it has licensed its technology for a cell phone handset application. The high-volume consumer application underscores again the broad applicability of Ziptronix's patented technology beyond image sensors.

The company recently announced that a new collaboration with a customer has demonstrated strong potential for significant cost savings in 3D memory applications, by replacing standard die-stacking methods with Ziptronix DBI wafer-stacking technology. By licensing the technology for a high-volume handset application, the company extends its technology's cost-saving and efficiency features across multiple supply chains.

"Device manufacturers recognize the value of this technology for a growing range of applications beyond image sensors," said Daniel Donabedian, CEO of Ziptronix. "We are in licensing discussions with companies around the world for a variety of applications, including next-generation 3D memory stacking and advanced imagers that target true 3D IC integration."

Donabedian said those discussions support the company's strategy of pursuing significant adoption of its 3D integration technology across many platforms to bring the benefits of smaller pitch, increased functionality and density, scalability, and lower-cost manufacturing, for future generations of 3D integrated devices. Ziptronix also continues to target licenses in the image sensor market.

About Ziptronix
Ziptronix is a pioneer in the development of low-temperature direct-bond technology for a variety of semiconductor applications, including backside-illuminated sensors, RF front-ends, pico projectors, memories, and 3D integrated circuits. Its patented, scalable 3D-integration technology, including ZiBond and DBI, provides the lowest-cost bonding solution for 3D technology, while enabling size reduction, yield enhancement, lower production costs and power consumption, and increased system performance. The company holds more than 35 U.S. patents and more than 20 international patents in nine foreign countries and Europe. It has more than 45 U.S. and international patent applications pending. Ziptronix licenses its technology throughout the semiconductor supply chain, including to OEMs, IDMs, and some fabrication and assembly facilities, and operates a back-end-of-line R&D facility with 6000 sq. ft. of Class 100/1000 cleanroom space at its headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC. Ziptronix was founded in 2000 as a venture-backed spinoff of RTI International.