ZigBee/Ethernet Gateway from MeshNetics


MeshNetics, Moscow, Russia and Bellevue, WA, offers its compact, weatherproof, ZigBee/Ethernet gateway to serve as a bridge between ZigBee-based wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and IP-based enterprise networks. The device uses the company's ZigBit 802.15.4/ZigBee module which is based on the Atmel ATmega 1281 microcontroller and AT86RF230 RF transceiver. The gateway features –101 dBm of Rx sensitivity, up to 3 dBm of transmit power, and is bundled with comprehensive commissioning tools to let you set up the gateway and start managing the WSN via Ethernet. WSN and IP network management uses the set of AT commands. The gateway can also operate as a WSN coordinator or router.

Contact Info

Company: MeshNetics
Phone number: +49 351-8134-228
Fax: +49 351-8134-200

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