Zephyr Unveils Physiology Monitoring System

ANNAPOLIS, MD /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Zephyr Technology, a global leader in real-time Physiological Status Monitoring (PSM) solutions, unveiled its revolutionary new PSM Training ECHO. This completely re-engineered training innovation is geared toward sports and fitness coaches, first responders, and military leaders—virtually anyone training teams of individuals who must be in peak physical condition to perform their jobs.

PSM Training ECHO is far more than an a simple enhancement to its existing PSM Training and PSM Responder & Defense systems, which are currently used by MLB, NBA and professional soccer teams, NASCAR teams, collegiate sports teams, Army and Navy Special Forces groups, as well as HAZMAT and other first responder groups in several states.

"Now one, single device can meet virtually all of a trainer's needs, from live monitoring of players' physiological status to analyzing stored data to train each individual and the team as a whole to peak performance levels," said Brian Russell, Zephyr's CEO. "What's more, using PSM Training ECHO will prevent under training and over training, making it possible to get consistent maximum performance from every member of a team."

Along with PSM Training ECHO, Zephyr introduced its Zephyr Compression Shirt—woven from a high-tech fabric produced by the 3M Company. It holds the circular Zephyr BioModule, which houses the sensors that monitor and transmit physiological readings, firmly against the body at the sternum. The Zephyr Compression Shirt can be used with any of Zephyr's Professional PSM Solutions.

Zephyr will debut PSM Training ECHO and the Zephyr Compression Shirt at the National Conference of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), to be held in Providence, RI, July 11–14. Zephyr will be showcasing its new products in Booth 722.

Advancements that make the PSM Training ECHO an industry leader in electronic training solutions include:

  • The ability to monitor, transmit, and log the physiological status of up to 50 athletes simultaneously. Prior versions of the product could monitor a total of 28 individuals.
  • While older systems relied on large panel antennae, PSM Training ECHO uses a new single 3 in. antenna that connects directly to a laptop computer and up to six small repeaters, allowing full coverage of an area larger than two American football fields—a 1000ft. line of sight—with no dead zones.
  • The two comfortable options for mounting the Zephyr BioModule sensors on team members will not interfere with their physical activity—the new Zephyr Compression Shirt and the Zephyr BioHarness, which straps around the user's chest.
  • Live measurements of a wide range of physiological status data, including speed, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, intensity and load, jump and dash, recovery time, and even core body temperature, without pills or probes. Of special interest to first responders and military users, PSM Training ECHO also measures vertical body position and activity, helping to identify trauma, stress, dehydration, and fatigue during training or operations. All of that data is streamed live and logged for later review and analysis.
  • Zephyr OmniSense software generates a wide range of reports on individual and team progress, allowing coaches and team leaders to share information with one another and their superiors—and assists them in adjusting and fine-tuning drills and exercise regimens to improve individual and team performance.

"PSM Training ECHO is a giant step forward for building the athlete's competitive edge," Russell said. "And it will save lives and speed mission response capabilities for civil and military squads who must deploy into harsh, extreme environments to ensure our safety and security. For any team whose mission demands top physical conditioning and peak performance, PSM Training ECHO will get them there—and beyond."

About Zephyr Technology
Zephyr Technology is a global leader in real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring or PSM solutions for connected health, fitness, and the academic research markets. Zephyr Technology leverages a world-class team of engineers, scientists, physiologists, and business experts.

Founded in 2003, Zephyr Technology has been a pioneer in the use of PSM in training and high-stress operational environments. The company's ongoing collaboration with fire departments, NASA Ames Research Center, National Guard Civil Support Teams, and multiple US Special Forces has been invaluable in the development and validation of Zephyr's technology and its application in the most extreme operating environments to Measure Life...Anywhere! For more information about Zephyr and its array of medical, sports, civil and defense solutions, call 443-569-3603.

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