Zebra Introduces WhereLAN III Location Sensor

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Zebra Technologies Corp., a recognized global leader in enabling technologies that extend visibility into operations to better track and manage assets, announced the availability of its WhereLAN III, the company's third-generation real-time location systems sensor. Adding to Zebra's depth and breadth of offerings, WhereLAN III provides 1-meter accuracy, giving customers a greater level of real-time visibility to manage assets and maximize the returned value at a significantly decreased total cost of ownership.

WhereLAN III addresses the requirements of a wide range of industries. For example, auto manufacturers can achieve parking spot–level accuracy for vehicle tracking, and drivers can eliminate the need to search for vehicles when loading them for conveyance or other operations. Industrial users can pinpoint the location of racks and containers at all times, minimizing inventory on the factory floor. Additionally, WhereLAN III's extended long range provides cost-effective coverage in large, high-clearance areas, such as hangars in aerospace applications.

Navis, part of Cargotec Corp. and a Zebra partner, is the provider of Zebra's WhereNet product family to the marine container terminal industry. Recently, a terminal-wide installation of WhereLAN III was beta-tested at Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) in California to track container movement across the terminal.

"We are very pleased with the initial results we have seen with WhereLAN III at Long Beach Container Terminal," said Anthony Otto, President, LBCT. "The new WhereLAN III will enable increased efficiency and quality of service. With WhereLAN III, LBCT will further automate cargo movement and benefit from advanced features of its Navis Terminal Operating System."

"WhereLAN III's technology gives our customers the edge needed to outperform their competitors," said Santiago Romero, Product Manager for the Zebra Technologies. "Together with our partners, we provide turnkey and custom solutions to reengineer business processes while lowering the total cost of ownership of real-time location systems."

WhereLAN III includes a software-defined radio, with leading-edge digital signal processing and "Snap Shot" technology that more than doubles the location accuracy of previous generations. The new wireless timing technology eliminates the cost of Ethernet drops and timing cables with no loss of location fidelity. Using optional Wi-Fi and revolutionary wireless time synchronization, WhereLAN III enables cable-free installations for both indoor and outdoor applications. WhereLAN III also allows fully remote operation with solar-powered energy systems, eliminating the need for expensive subterranean wiring outdoors.

Zebra engineered its WhereLAN III to be fully backwards compatible with the previous generation of location sensors, allowing customers to use both generations together.

WhereLAN III is available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Colombia, Egypt, India, Kuwait, Turkey, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand. More information about WhereLAN III and other location solutions products from Zebra Technologies is available on the company's Web site.

About Zebra Technologies
A global leader, respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra Technologies Corp. provides enabling technologies that allow customers to take smarter actions. Our extensive portfolio of bar code, receipt, card, kiosk and RFID printers and supplies, as well as real-time location solutions give a digital voice to assets, people and transactions that provides greater visibility into mission-critical information.

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