Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 2015.3 Takes Design to New Heights with IP Sub-Systems

SAN JOSE, CA -- Xilinx, Inc. unveils the 2015.3 release of the Vivado Design Suite. The new release enables platform and system developers to increase productivity and decrease development costs by enabling design teams to work at a higher level of abstraction with new market-tailored, plug-and-play IP sub-systems. The new IP sub-systems, in combination with enhancements to Vivado IP Integrator (IPI) and Vivado High-Level Synthesis (HLS), significantly increase productivity by enabling the reuse of much larger IP building blocks and associated content for rapid integration and verification.

Taking Design to New Heights with IP Sub-Systems

Xilinx's new LogiCORE™ IP sub-systems are highly configurable, market-tailored building blocks that integrate up to 80 individual IP cores, software drivers, design examples, and test benches. Available with the Vivado Design Suite 2015.3 release are new IP sub-systems for Ethernet, PCIe, video processing, image sensor processing, and OTN development. These IP sub-systems are based on industry standards such as ARM® AMBA® AXI 4 interconnect protocol, IEEE P1735 encryption and IP-XACT to enable interoperability with Xilinx and Alliance member IP and to accelerate integration.

"All of these IP sub-systems will dramatically improve productivity by enabling the reuse of much larger building blocks and all content required for rapid integration and verification," said Tom Feist, senior director of Design Methodology Marketing at Xilinx. "What is especially unique about our new video IP sub-system is that it was entirely written C and C++ and leveraged Vivado HLS. Our internal development time was about 4 months versus an estimated two years with an RTL flow, a 6X productivity improvement for the team. We will continue to see additional productivity gains in future generations. C-based IP reuse not only enables the IP sub-system to be easily ported from family to family but also enables automated re-optimization of the micro-architecture and associated RTL for next generation systems requirements and silicon characteristics."

The new highly configurable video processing IP sub-system supports 4K2K video pipe with comprehensive video support including VDMA, Deinterlacer, Chroma Resampler, and Scalar. The sub-system can also easily source and sync DisplayPort, HDMI, and MIPI interfaces by leveraging the automatically generated AXI interfaces and Vivado IPI.

With the Vivado 2015.3 release, designers can also leverage the new IP sub-systems by using an enhanced version of the Vivado IP Integrator tool. Users can also take advantage of new simulation flows featuring one click setup for all major simulators and improved revision control to streamline IP integration and verification.


The Vivado Design Suite 2015.3 is available now with support for Xilinx 7 series and UltraScale devices as well as early access support for UltraScale+ FPGAs and MPSoCs.

Download the Vivado Design Suite 2015.3 at http://www.xilinx.com/download

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