XenData Launches High Capacity Video Archive Systems that Scale to Over 3 Petabytes

Walnut Creek, CA --- XenData announces the release of its SXL-8500 Series, a new range of highly scalable LTO archive systems that combine high performance, scalable capacity, affordability and ease of use.

Providing 462 TB of near-line LTO capacity, base models include a 6U robotic library with two high performance LTO-7 drives and 77 LTO cartridge slots under management. By adding up to six 80 slot expansion modules, the system can accommodate 557 LTO-7 cartridges, scaling to a near-line LTO capacity of 3,342 TB, equivalent to over 70,000 hours of HD video recorded at 100 Mbits/s. The system can also be configured with up to 10 LTO-7 drives, and since each LTO-7 has a transfer rate for both archive and restore operations of 300 MBytes/s, this enables increased performance as storage needs grow.

The SXL-8500 systems run a Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system and are ready for upgrade to Windows Server 2016. They connect to a network via 1 GbE or 10 GbE ports that provide a network attached storage (NAS) architecture configured with a network share. A SXL-8500 system also has a standard file-folder interface to both archive and restore files, making it compatible with a wide range of creative video and video surveillance applications.

The system writes to LTO using the LTFS format. This allows easy cartridge interchange with other vendors. The XenData implementation of LTFS delivers comprehensive functionality that includes seamless spanning of files and folders across LTO cartridges, partial file restores, automatic replication of LTO cartridges and management of an unlimited number of offline externalized cartridges.

The SXL-8500 Series is compatible with a wide array of media asset management systems, delivering a reliable, lower-cost and long-term tier of media storage complementary to video edit storage. The system also supports XenData VS functionality, which is optimized for video surveillance applications. This includes the ability to retain files on LTO for a defined retention period, after which the content is deleted and the LTO cartridges are automatically reformatted and ready for re-use.

The XenData SXL-8500 comes with on-site support in the USA and many other locations worldwide. Prices start at $51,800 for the base 462 TB system.

For more information visit http://www.xendata.com

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