World's First Universal VR Latency Tool

HELSINKI, Finland --- Latency is one of the biggest challenges in the burgeoning Virtual Reality (VR) industry. While wearing a VR Head Mounted Display (HMD), people notice even the smallest of delays between what's displayed at the screen and what the brain expects. Until now, there has not been a professional latency measurement tool that works across different HMDs and applications.

By today's launch of the VRTrek™ Library, Basemark fills this gap and enables the VR industry to analyze and provide better user experience for end users. VRTrek Library is a tool aimed for VR HMD vendors and software developers to measure the latency of an HMD when running various applications.

The tool's main measurement output is the latency, or the time in milliseconds it takes for the required image to be displayed on the HMD. VRTrek Library uniquely scans both the left eye and the right eye screens at the same time. Furthermore, VRTrek Library outputs granular data such as dropped frames, duplicate frames and screen persistence.

VRTrek Library is a patent pending solution developed by Basemark. It consists of a measurement device, VRTrek, and a Software Development Kit (SDK) that HMD and VR app developers can easily integrate into their testing frameworks.

Ordering and More Info

VRTrek Library is now available for immediate shipping. For more information, go to

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