World's First Intelligent Pillow Accurately Quantifies Sleep

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Health technology company Proper Pillow, Inc. has chosen crowd-funding tool Indiegogo to finance development of the world's first intelligent pillow, the Proper Pillow Plus. The company looks to raise $1 million (US) to develop and produce the product, which will enable sleepers to monitor, quantify, and improve the quality of their sleep.

The Proper Pillow Plus will deliver critical sleep wellness benefits to users:
• Alter Poor Sleeping Behaviors
• Identify Problem Breathing Patterns
• Improve Sleep Recovery

Monitoring Sleep in the Age of Quantification

"The Proper Pillow Plus is the next step in the evolution of sleep monitoring and quantification," explained Dr. Rick Loos, inventor of the Proper Pillow Plus and CEO of Proper Pillow, Inc. "We are living in the Information Age where everything we do can be quantified. The next logical step is to accurately quantify how we sleep, with the goal of improving our waking lives through improved sleep. Existing quantification tools do not live up to the promise of improving sleep wellness."

The Science of Sleeping Right

The Proper Pillow Plus utilizes leading-edge quantification technology to accurately monitor critical elements of the sleep experience. "By embedding the monitoring technology into the pillow itself, we bring the power of quantification into the heart of the sleep experience," noted Dr. Loos. "This drives a more accurate, more comfortable, and ultimately, more useful sleep wellness tool that gives users the power to improve their sleep, and their waking lives as a result."

Powerful user-friendly technology highlights the advantages of the Proper Pillow Plus over other sleep monitoring tools:
• Pillow-Embedded Sensor Network
• Cutting Edge Low Energy Bluetooth Technology
• User Friendly Data Presentation + Interpretation via iOS and Android apps

For More Information

Email: [email protected]
Call: 800-961-7527

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