WiSpry to Support MIIPI RFFE 1.0 Standard

IRVINE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- WiSpry Inc., a leader in tunable radio frequency (RF) semiconductor products for the wireless industry and a MIPI Alliance contributor member, announced it will make all of its standard products compatible with the MIPI RFFE 1.0 standard. First products with the new serial interface are scheduled to reach key mobile phone OEMs for in-phone evaluation by Q2 2011.

The MIPI RFFE 1.0 standard is a serial bus targeting timing-critical control, such as band and mode selection in the RF front end of mobile phones and data devices. It is expected to be the backbone of future multi-standard, multi-band radios. Devices that can be controlled using the MIPI RFFE standard include RFICs DC/DC converters, power amplifiers, LNAs, filters, switch modules, antenna tuners, and sensors.

"As a MIPI Alliance contributor-level member, WiSpry has been active in the development of the RFFE 1.0 standard since its inception. Given how well the standard fits our targeted applications, we certainly want to feature it as the interface of choice for our products," said Jeff Hilbert, CEO of WiSpry. "Adopting the MIPI RFFE 1.0 standard will provide our customers with plug-and-play type interoperability, a reduced bus pin count, and increased interface bus data throughput, as well as advanced features that can be used to streamline the control of the entire front end."

About MIPI Alliance
MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative organization, consisting of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices. MIPI Specifications establish standards for hardware and software interfaces that drive new technology and enable faster deployment of new features and services. MIPI Alliance is a registered mark of MIPI Alliance Inc.

About WiSpry
Headquartered in Irvine, CA, WiSpry Inc. is a fabless RF semiconductor company that designs and manufactures RF CMOS integrated circuits and components for leading manufacturers of mobile phones, laptops, and wireless data communications products. Using the company's core competency in tunable RF technology, WiSpry creates revolutionary wireless system-on-chip MEMS-based RF architectures. WiSpry tunable RF-MEMS devices enable the development of reconfigurable RF front-ends, allowing system designers to achieve the architectural innovation required to meet the growing challenges of mobile communications networks.

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