WiSpry Announces SpryWare Tuning Software, SDK

IRVINE, CA -- WiSpry, Inc., the leader in high-performance tunable radio frequency (RF) semiconductor products for the wireless industry, announced the world's first device-integrated Antenna Tuning Developers' Kit for smartphones and tablets together with SpryWare software for tuner optimization and control during the evaluation and development phase. Compared with traditional evaluation kits, the new solution has a miniature size enabling early evaluation inside a true form-factor smartphone or tablet product. The developer's kit also supports retrofits of existing products enabling quick determination of potential gains in antenna performance from tuning. As a result, the WiSpry solution is expected to speed the adoption of performance-enhancing, tunable RF solutions for faster, more adaptable LTE devices.

"WiSpry's new evaluation kit will greatly simplify and streamline the process of integrating state-of-the-art antenna tuning capabilities into smartphones and tablets," said Victor Steel, Vice President of Products at WiSpry. "The kit is ideal for OEMs looking to deliver today's slimmest and most popular form factors without compromising performance, and it will serve as a much-needed bridge between our standard product evaluation kits and the actual consumer experience. With this small form factor evaluation board and an aggressive size reduction roadmap for its product lines, WiSpry is enabling integration of high-performance antenna tuning in the thinnest of LTE devices. We now cover all the bases from advanced simulation models and traditional evaluation kits to this cutting edge small form factor development kit."

Initially, the development kit will ship with the Company's popular WS2017 and WS2018 broadband tuner products. The single-chip WS2018 MIPI RFFE1.1 Antenna Tuner is currently the industry's highest-performance antenna tuner and sits in the RF signal chain between the antenna and the front-end module of a mobile phone.

WiSpry will also offer the new development kit with the Company's third generation WS1033 optimized specifically for LTE applications. For LTE and LTE Advanced devices where size is a premium and high download speeds and reliable connections are a must, the WS1033 allows engineers to select the optimum circuit configuration for their antenna tuning requirements. Like every WiSpry product, the WS1033 is plug-and-play compatible with major Smartphone chipsets. The new kit will be extended to support all of WiSpry's next generation miniaturized tuners as they are introduced to the market.

All WiSpry evaluation kits incorporate a WS2017/WS2018 or WS1033 board, a USB interface board, SpryWare software, simulation models, measured data and the required connectors and cables to ensure the fastest and easiest integration into mobile platforms. The SpryWare software and interface board provides control of devices both in MIPI RFFE 1.1 mode as well as multiple SPI modes. It also features advanced optimization algorithms and scripting enabling generation of optimal tuner settings for specific phone and antenna combinations.

About WiSpry
Headquartered in Irvine, CA, WiSpry is a fabless RF semiconductor company that designs and manufactures RF-CMOS integrated circuits and components for leading manufacturers of mobile phones, laptops and wireless data communications products. Utilizing the Company's core competency in RF micro-electro-mechanical systems (RF-MEMS) technology, WiSpry creates revolutionary wireless 'System on Chip' MEMS-based RF architectures, and has recently begun shipping products to several Tier 1 mobile handset manufacturers. WiSpry tunable RF-MEMS devices enable the development of reconfigurable RF front-ends, allowing system designers to achieve the architectural innovation required to meet the growing challenges of mobile communications networks.

About MIPI Alliance
MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices. MIPI Specifications establish standards for hardware and software interfaces which drive new technology and enable faster deployment of new features and services.

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