Wiring Brochure Eases Design Considerations

WAGO offers an Interface Wiring Brochure that it says makes choosing interface options straight-forward and simple. The company’s wiring modules and cables provide a compact, economical, user-friendly interface to the fieldbus-independent WAGO I/O SYSTEM. The brochure also features:

  • Power distribution plug cables and pluggable power distribution modules foreasy daisy chaining/jumpering between interface modules and I/O modules
  • Double-deck relay boards for the most compact
  • 16-channel module available in the industry
  • NPN or PNP configurable modules
  • WAGO’s tried and tested CAGE CLAMP wiring terminals for fast, maintenance-free wiring.

Check out the brochure HERE.


For additional information, visit http://www.wago.us. Contact WAGO at 1-800-DIN-RAIL or [email protected].


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