Wireless Motion Tracking System from Xsens

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The MTw from Xsens Technologies B.V., Enschede, The Netherlands, is a miniature wireless motion tracking system that now includes hardware synchronization with third-party equipment such as EMG, EEG, force plates, and optoelectronic systems. The Awinda station of the MTw development kit has 4 BNC ports for connection to a variety of hardware. You can configure each synchronization command, including pulse frequency, polarity, and width; connecting the BNC synchronization cables of two systems and aligning the sync settings in the respective software lets you achieve time-synchronized data files from both MTw 3D kinematics and EMG. Using Noraxon software you can merge data to perform gait analysis, ROM testing, or functional capacity testing.

Contact Info

Company: Xsens
Country: Netherlands
Phone number: +31 88-97367-00

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