Wireless Mote for Mobile Devices from Moteiv

Wireless Mote for Mobile Devices from Moteiv
Moteiv Corp.

Moteiv Corp., San Francisco, CA, offers the Tmote Mini wireless sensor network node that supports the ZigBee specification and is packaged in an industry-standard miniSDIO form factor so that it can be integrated into cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile products. The 20 by 25.4 by <2 mm device combines a TI MSP430 microcontroller with a TI/Chipcon CC2420 low-power radio. The Mini is offered as a standard module with 0 dBm output power at 2.4 GHz and an enhanced module with 20 dBm output power at 2.4 GHz. Both versions are IEEE 802.15.4 compliant.

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Company: Moteiv Corp.
Phone number: 415-692-0960
Fax: 415-358-4872

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