Wireless Communications for Industrial Robots

CANTON, MI /Marketwire/ -- These days robots have successfully established themselves in a wide range of industrial applications. Whether it's the automotive industry, packaging technology, or sheet metal working, industrial robots play an ever-increasing role. The growing level of automation in production processes is promoting the widespread use of robots.

The robotics industry needs reliable wireless transmission of standard I/O data to mobile plant or machine sections. The wireless system InduraNET p (Industrial Radio Network) from Pilz is specifically designed for use in an industrial environment. The remote IP67 module is ideally suited for use on robots (installed on the tool, close to the process). As a result, cable wear and open circuits can be avoided; even dust and water cannot damage the module.

Pilz's InduraNET p is especially suitable for use in an industrial environment. Key features include high availability thanks to the robust communication technology and a unique antenna system, plus the ability to coexist with other wireless systems. Thanks to its rugged design, the IP67 remote module is suitable for installation close to the process, directly on the sensors. This is important so manufacturers can avoid long cable routes and reduce cable wear.

A connection to all common fieldbus systems means that InduraNET p can be incorporated into existing network architectures. This guarantees a high degree of flexibility when selecting the fieldbus and control system.

Some of InduraNet p's benefits include:

  • Highly available wireless communications in industrial environments via the InduraNET p protocol and industrial antenna system
  • Direct assembly on mobile machine parts, leveraging high resistance to dirt and mechanical stress, as well as a suitable antenna
  • Space-saving application outside the control cabinet—IP67 protection
  • Licence-free—uses the free worldwide ISM frequency bands
  • Eliminates cost-intensive, wearing cable connections
  • Connection to all common fieldbus systems

InduraNET p can replace data light beam devices, trailing cables/cable drag chains, and sliding contacts.

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