Windows Pocket PC Latches Up With iPads

Windows Pocket PC Latches Up With iPads

Compatible with Apple iPads, the Kangaroo is a Windows 10 Mobile Desktop PC that easily fits in one’s pocket. It works with any screen and connecting Kangaroo to a mouse, keyboard, and monitor or to an iPad, users can access all Windows 10 desktop programs and files. The mobile form factor uses an Intel Cherrytrail (Z8500) SoC and has an on-board battery paired with a standalone Kangaroo Dock with port access for HDMI and USB. Kangaroo connects to a workstation during the work day and when the workday is over it can become an entertainment streaming media PC via an HDMI connection on any TV. Other features include 32 GB of storage that can be upgraded for additional storage with a large-capacity microSD card. Price is $99. To learn more, visit

InFocus Corp.
Portland, OR

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