Wieland Electric Develops Encryption Function for samos®Pro Programmable Safety Controllers

ONTARIO, CANADA– Wieland Electric Inc. has developed a robust encryption feature for its samos PRO family of programmable safety controllers, providing machine design engineers a means to prevent unauthorized tampering with the intellectual property in their safety software programs.

Customers use the standard samos PLAN programming software to design the logic and hardware configuration of the machine. Once complete, the LogicProtect feature is activated and prevents the program from being viewed or altered in any way. The system even provides a confirmation that the encryption function has been implemented correctly

“LogicProtect allows OEMs and machine retrofitters to reap all the advantages of samos®PRO without sacrificing their intellectual property,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “It also provides another layer of safety by preventing unauthorized tampering with the safety logic.”

Wieland samos®PLAN with LogicProtect is available at no charge and offers a simple and intuitive programming interface, powerful simulation tools, and effective troubleshooting and reporting functions.

Product datasheets, specifications and other technical information for samos®PRO programmable safety controllers can be downloaded from the Wieland website at: http://www.wieland-safety.com/samosPRO

For more information about LogicProtect and Wieland Electric’s machine safety products, call 1-800-WIELAND (1-800-943-5263), or visit the website at http://www.wieland-safety.com

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