Wi-Fi Module from LS Research

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LS Research

The TiWi-SL from LS Research, Cedarburg, WI, is a self-contained 802.11 transceiver module that provides easy wireless connectivity integration with an embedded system. The FCC/IC-certified and ETSI-tested module uses Texas Instruments' SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 Wi-Fi wireless processor. The module contains the Wi-Fi driver, security supplicant, and TCP/IP stack and its architecture moves nearly all Wi-Fi connection functions from the host processor and onto the CC3000. Features include FirstTimeConfig that facilitates pairing to 802.11 access points without requiring a display or user interface, power consumption <5 µA in shutdown mode, low MIPS/CPU overhead, and a simple API.

Contact Info

Company: LS Research
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 262-375-4400
Fax: 262-364-2649

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