Wi-Fi DA Tags from Cores Electronic

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Cores Electronic LLC

The Tag4M Wi-Fi sensor tag from Cores Electronic LLC, Austin, TX, collects analog data, performs digital I/O, and communicates directly with any commercially available Wi-Fi access point or wireless router. The credit-card-sized board combines a Wi-Fi link, temperature sensor, 5 voltage/current input channels, and 4 digital I/O lines. Range is 50 m indoors and 100 m outdoors. It has a permanent MAC address and shares a common SSID with the access point so that it can transfer data and accept commands from any predetermined Web page. You can also connect the AP to a LAN to operate a tag in local mode. Upon association with an AP, the tag sends digitized sensor data over the Internet for any Web-based applications to use. Sensor data packets can be routed to dedicated computers anywhere on the Internet for use in local software or Web-based programs.

Contact Info

Company: Cores Electronic LLC
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 512-905-0181

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