When Common Sense Fails, Let AI Brush Your Chops

Enticing one to become even more engaged with one’s toys, no simple task shall go uncontrolled by some form of technology. Such is the case with the Ara electric toothbrush by Kolibree. The AI uses artificial intelligence to automatically save and synchronize the user’s tooth brushing data. Naturally, there’s an app for checking brushing performance or provide coaching guidance.

Said to be unique, the Ara employs a microprocessor in the handle that captures, stores, and synchronizes data with or without the use of the app. Okay, so it has what we might call a mini computer inside.

What makes Ara by Kolibree so unique, even among the new breed of smart toothbrushes, is the microprocessor inside the toothbrush handle. This gives the toothbrush the capability to capture, store and sync data whether you use the app or not when you brush your teeth.

As per the maker, deep learning algorithms inside Ara emulate the way the brain works. This machine learning improves accuracy of data collection and provides step-by-step guidance through the Coach feature when you need it. To check up on yourself, just open the Kolibree app for a quick glance of the personalized Checkup feature to see where in your mouth you brushed, and where you missed in each of 16 brushing zones.

For a video demo, CLICK HERE. Ara is priced at $129 and can be pre-ordered at the company’s website for $79 through February 28, 2017.

Whether you feel this is a useful product or just another piece of technology to occupt bathroom space is purely subjective. One thing to check out is what a dentist, preferably your dentist, thinks about this. While you do that, some of us will be encouraging barbers to give out more lollipops and bubble gum. ~MD

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