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Incomedia, a company with many years experience of web site creation software development, has released WebSite X5® Professional 10. This new software is designed to meet the needs of web designers and SMEs for creating web sites and mobile sites. It is even complete with App. 

“We are very excited to expand our product range and also to target the business sector with the new WebSite® X5 Professional 10” said Incomedia CEO Federico Ranfagni. We have many years  experience which we have drawn on to create this new product. We have developed a software program able to meet the needs of Web professionals. We are aiming this product not only at web designers but also independent professionals and those who have to develop a web site for their company or corporation. They need agile and flexible tools that quickly lead them to outstanding results. We are convinced that WebSite X5® Professional 10 is the answer. The tool will radically change the way these professionals work.”

WebSite X5® Professional 10 is a unique software program. This brilliant combination of simplicity and power actually revolutionizes the way a professional web site is created by placing code and technical aspects in the background, behind the contents and layouts. The logical and intuitive WebSite X5® Professional 10 interface cuts the time needed for learning and development. Its vast range of available functions and possible customizations lets web designers tackle any project and give free rein to their creativity. The captivating, complete and professional result is a state of the art web site, able to meet the needs of any customer.

The advantage in choosing WebSite X5® Professional 10 is therefore obvious. It saves time and resources so professionals can handle a larger number of projects without jeopardizing the quality of the web sites they create. The result? More satisfied customers for a higher overall gain.  

First-Rate Functions:

“WebSite X5® Professional 10 comprises everything professionals may need to develop their projects, be it a corporate web site, a blog, an e-commerce site or a mobile site," explained Federico Ranfagni. "In this way they don't have to use outside expertize and they can quickly get professional results. In addition, we have provided features that are  incredible added value for any project!

Some of the most important features of WebSite X5® Professional 10 are:

  • Mobile App – WebSite X5® Professional 10 is the only software that lets professionals create a site complete with a Mobile App without having to develop the App. The App is ready and available for free download from both Apple Store and Google Play. Simply anchor it to your project and invite users to download it to stay abreast of the news published on the site. With the ability to send Push notifications, the App is also an effective system for actively promoting any news or activities.
  • Mobile Web sites – The sites created are automatically optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Everything works correctly while browsing on smartphones and tablets (including the online store). Touch gestures are fully supported to ensure a fantastic surfing experience.
  • Dynamic content – WebSite X5® Professional 10 is not a CMS, but integrates its most important functions. It lets several people edit content such as text and images while working directly online.
    All this is thanks to the use of Dynamic Content. The author of the site, who always has total control over the project, can use it to create pages on which the users he authorizes can make updates.
  • Online store – With WebSite X5® Professional 10 you can set up a complete online store and define all the key elements: importing products and catalogue creation; setting shipping and payment methods; buying process configuration; availability and promotion management through discounts and coupons, etc. 
  • Database integration – It is possible to integrate the web site with one or more databases for sending e-mails, registration to use restricted areas, plus management of posts on Blogs or Guestbooks, or purchase orders coming from the online store. The operation is simple and lets you also manage data with a dedicated online control panel.   
  • Analysis and Optimization – WebSite X5® Professional 10 optimizes the pages, images, videos and products of the store in order to best index them on search engines. Furthermore, with the advanced project analysis function, optimizations are still possible prior to publication online.

WebSite X5® Professional 10 includes a web hosting service with web space, bandwidth, databases, e-mail addresses and unlimited site hosting for 12 months.

For more information on WebSite X5® Professional 10: http://www.websitex5.com/professional

For more information on Incomedia: www.incomedia.eu/en

Availability and Pricing:

Incomedia WebSite X5® Professional 10 is now available at http://www.websitex5.com/en/store.html

Incomedia WebSite X5 version 10

No programming skills required! Create your very own sites, blogs and online stores using a fully-visual and intuitive interface. Choose your template, then drag and drop your text, image, video, gallery, widget or e-mail form object into the grid to create the content. Publish your website online with the built-in FTP engine

Incomedia officially announces the availability of WebSite X5 version 10, the latest version of its popular award-winning web editor.

With Incomedia WebSite X5 no programming skills are required: all you need is a mouse! You don't have to spend time learning to use complicated software: all you have to do is follow the 5 easy steps to create top quality websites. Each step has been designed to help you obtain professional results with the minimum effort.

WebSite X5 – The 5 Easy Steps:

1. Choose a design from the 1,500 templates available, or create a new one from scratch.
2. Create the site's structure, adding all the pages you want.
3. Add your contents: text, pictures, videos, photo galleries, maps, social network buttons or any other type of object.
4. Make your pages unique and professional, thanks to the many advanced features: online stores, blogs, RSS feeds, members' areas, multi-language sites, etc...
5. And lastly, get your website online using the built-in FTP engine.

You are free to sign up with the web provider you prefer, however WebSite X5 also includes registration of your own domain name and 30 GB of web space for 12 months, at no extra cost.

WebSite X5 version 10 is available in 2 versions: Compact 10 and Evolution 10

WebSite X5 Compact 10

WebSite X5 Compact 10 is the outstanding tool that helps turn your website dreams into reality. It provides you with 500 pre-defined templates, all professional quality and ready to use.

You can add new pages to your site whenever you want, and organize your website map according to your needs. The automatic SiteMap generator makes your website easy to use for visitors and easy for Internet search engines to find. WebSite X5 provides a unique way of creating website pages: all you have to do is drag and drop text, images, videos, sound and Flash™ animations into the various pages to create an interesting, eye-catching project.

With WebSite X5 Compact 10 you have everything at your fingertips: text editor, photo editor, functions for creating spectacular Galleries, support for importing videos from YouTube™ and much more. In addition, you can complete your project with a stunning blog that can be customized and updated as required, new posts can be published regularly.

WebSite X5 Compact 10 will automatically generate your page code in order to ensure full compatibility with all browsers and mobile devices, including iPhones® and iPads®. The final step is to use the FTP Engine which makes it child’s play to publish your website online.

Main Features:

  • More than 500 customizable graphic templates
  • Photo editor to customize your images
  • Create stunning picture galleries
  • Import videos (including YouTube™), Sounds and Flash™ Animations
  • Blog with Podcast and Videocast
  • Editor for creating buttons
  • FTP engine for publishing your website

WebSite X5 Evolution 10

With the new version 10, WebSite X5 Evolution, has reached a higher level of maturity, thanks to the improvement of existing features and the addition of new tools. Cornerstone of the new WebSite X5 Evolution 10 is its 5-step structure, a quality that characterizes the program and from which it derives its great adaptability to different user profiles, including those who do not have any knowledge of programming and web design.

Main Features:

  • Thanks to an even more extended use of HTML5, the sites created with WebSite X5 Evolution 10 ensure full compatibility, adapting to any kind of device, operating system or browser navigation of the latest generation. Both the code of the pages, and also that of the templates are now optimized for a perfect visualization and navigation on mobile devices.
  • A specific Mobile Template Pack has been introduced for the creation of Mobile Sites. Now with WebSite X5 Evolution 10, it is no longer necessary to duplicate the sites in order to obtain a mobile version: once a site has been made, it can be visualized both on Tablets and Smartphones, and everything will work perfectly, including the e-commerce shopping cart, the buttons and boxes for the Social App, etc.
  • Touch Technology is supported on mobile devices, which means you can use your finger to browse or enlarge pictures.
  • The e-commerce cart is now even more powerful with interesting new additions to product catalogue and purchase management.
  • The importance of social networks has also been taken into consideration, introducing the “Social Object” so that buttons and boxes for Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest Apps can easily be activated.


Incomedia WebSite X5 Compact 10 and WebSite X5 Evolution 10 are available at http://www.websitex5.com/en/store.html

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