WDLabs Announces Software Platform to Accelerate VIDITY Deployment of Next Generation Video Experience

IRVINE, CA -- WDLabs introduces a new software platform to simplify and speed up the creation and deployment of VIDITY enabled products and services. VIDITY gives consumers the freedom and flexibility to download and store their movies on a wide range of devices and delivers the highest quality playback of content including 4K Ultra HD movies with high dynamic range (HDR).

The VIDITY Software Platform by WDLabs is built around open standards and will bring VIDITY protocols, security and standards-based manageability into one integrated solution optimized for next generation premium 4K Ultra HD HDR video devices such as TVs, optical media players, and digital media players. The VIDITY Software Platform by WDLabs is supported and validated by the established and expanding VIDITY hardware, software, and certification ecosystem that will provide common building blocks for next generation video devices and Over-The-Top (OTT) services. This new software platform accelerates the availability of VIDITY enabled 4K Ultra HD HDR devices by enabling innovators to focus on value-added features and differentiation.

The VIDITY software platform by WDLabs includes the following elements:
•User interface - customizable user interface and player features (Android-Java based)
•VIDITY protocol and licensing layer - power-safe download & licensing management, VIDITY digital storage interface, remote media sharing, other VIDITY-required features
•VIDITY secure audio and video rendering layer - VIDITY media interface, content decryption, and secure media operations for SD, HD, and 4K Ultra HD HDR content. Leverages the VIDITY Security Platform from Rambus Cryptography Research, which includes a library of secure functions integrated with the SOC trusted execution environment
•Android and Linux support foundation – support for the Android AOSP and Linux platform, secure boot, secure firmware update, internationalization, USB 3.0, and GbE and Wi-Fi support
•Documentation, test scripts, and virtualized build environment

"Deploying VIDITY 2.0 specification-enabled products and services requires a broad range of technologies, skills, time, and expense by each adopter in order to bring solutions to market," said Richard E. Rutledge, senior vice president of marketing, WDLabs. "Our VIDITY software platform will make it easier, faster, and less expensive to develop products by offering mature VIDITY building blocks for their next generation premium video products that support 4K Ultra HD HDR content. The VIDITY Software Platform demonstrates our commitment as a Founder of the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA), which developed the VIDITY program, and is built from earlier demo releases shown at CES 2014 and CES 2015."

"Our focus remains on creating the highest-quality consumer experience possible," said Danny Kaye, executive vice president, global research and technology strategy, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. "This means the quality of the content as the demand for 4K Ultra HD content continues to increase and evolve, but also the ease of content acquisition and playback on next-generation TVs and other devices. The VIDITY software platform by WDLabs enables easy onboarding by CE device manufacturers into the quality and convenience of the VIDITY digital ecosystem and Fox's quality 4K UHD HDR content."

"The recent announcement of VIDITY licensing in August opens the door for companies to integrate technology into their products that will provide consumers with the highest quality digital experience, including 4K HDR," said David Huerta, general manager, Secure Content Storage Association. "As we look forward to many more VIDITY products entering the market soon, we are pleased that Western Digital, a leader in digital storage solutions, has developed an SDK making it easier and faster for CE device manufacturers to enable the premium VIDITY experience into their products and bring them to market faster."

"ViXS delivers time-to-market 4K Ultra HD HDR video SoC solutions and is excited to partner with WDLabs on this first integration of the WDLabs VIDITY SDK based on our family of 4K Ultra HD HDR SoC solutions as demonstrated at IFA Berlin, IBC Amsterdam, and CEDIA Dallas," said Perry Chappell, senior vice president worldwide sales, ViXS. "ViXS is a Contributing Member of SCSA and is in a position to quickly enable 4K Ultra HD HDR TVs, optical media players, and digital media players."

"With the quad-core Cannes STiH318 4K Ultra HD HDR SoC already in production, ST has worked very closely with WDLabs to empower SCSA member companies to quickly deliver digital and optical media players and TVs with the proven security and performance of our family of VIDITY-enabled SoCs," said Philippe Notton, group vice president and general manager, Consumer Product Division, STMicroelectronics.

"We are pleased that Rambus Cryptography Research was selected by SCSA as a valued security partner and advisor to protect high-quality 4K Ultra HD with HDR, HD and SD content with our VIDITY Security Platform," said Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist, Rambus Cryptography Research Division. "The Cryptography Research VIDITY Security Platform works in conjunction with the VIDITY software platform from WDLabs to enable rapid development, certification, and time-to-market of VIDITY Specification 2.0 products."

Licensing and Availability
The VIDITY Software Platform by WDLabs is available for licensing now, and aimed at accelerating the VIDITY ecosystem. It is offered via competitive terms, conditions, and pricing to facilitate make versus buy decisions by CE device manufacturers. The SCSA VIDITY 2.0 specification licensing information is available through SCSA from http://www.vidity.com  

For more details, visit http://www.westerndigital.com

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