Wafer-Level HD Camera Module from Nemotek

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Nemotek Technologie

The Exiguus A15-B1 from Nemotek Technologie, Rabat, Morocco, is a 720-pixel wafer-level HD camera module suitable for front-facing camera applications in smartphones, tablets, notebooks, gaming systems, and other portable devices. The 1/6 in. 1.26 megapixel, wafer-level camera module incorporates 2-element HD and reflowable wafer-level lenses, has an active-pixel 1296 by 976 array, incorporates a CMOS image sensor and embedded image processor, and offers auto exposure control, auto white balance, flicker avoidance, and defect correction. The camera can also capture 720 pixel HD video at 30 frames/s.

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Company: Nemotek Technologie
Country: Morocco

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