VR Website-Creation Platform Now Online

Double XVR’s DoublX Beta, described as a powerful online platform, allows users to create virtual reality (VR) websites without a single line of code. Users can upload VR videos, 360° pictures, and more via drag and drop.


With DoublX, creators, designers and VR camera owners can take advantage of a drag-and-drop editor environment that features an array of advanced functions to create custom VR websites. The product is based on unique RENDERER (DoublX intellectual proprietary) that operates on a regular web browser such as Chrome or Safari. It starts with the drag-and-drop editor that features hundreds of options and website components. Users can upload VR videos and pictures, design, host and publish the VR website without prior knowledge. For example, use it to create real-estate, hotel or museum tours.


For web designers, DoublX opens a new category - the "VR websites" category, which enables easy VR web creation. DoublX provides the ability to use its databases to manage content and clients. This significantly reduces the need for a high-skilled developer that costs several thousands of dollars.


Features include:

  • Support for VR, STEREOSCOPIC, IMAGES, VIDEOS, Top-Bottom, Upside-Down and more media types
  • No prior knowledge in code writing necessary
  • No need for expensive equipment
  • No need for app installation
  • Runs on a regular browser as a standard website

If your curiosity is now running amok, you can watch a video demo and visit DoublX for deeper insights.