Voltage/Current Source/Calibrator from Krohn-Hite

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Krohn-Hite Corp.

The Model 526 from Krohn-Hite Corp., Brockton, MA, is a DC voltage/current source/calibrator that produces accurate voltages to within 20 ppm/yr. from ±100 nVDC to ±100 VDC and currents to within 50 ppm/yr. from ±100 nA to ±110 mA. Resolution is 1 ppm and stability is 5 ppm. Suited for use on production lines, calibration labs, QA/QC departments, and design labs, the device replaces the company's 522 and Analogic 8200 DC calibrators. Other features include 6 front-panel decade switches with full carry/borrow for entering settings; nonvolatile memory for up to 31 output settings; and the ability to set the device to 0 V, allowing the output sense to maintain true 4-wire low-impedance zero output.

Contact Info

Company: Krohn-Hite Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 508-580-1660
Fax: 508-583-8989

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