Vibration Recorder from Midé Technology

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Midé Technology Corp.

The VR001 Slam Stick from Midé Technology Corp., Medford, MA, is a vibration recorder that can be used to characterize the vibration profile for energy harvesting applications. The 3.0 by 0.9 by 0.4 in. device has a 3.2 kHz sampling rate, measures acceleration in all three axes, and has configurable measurement duration, triggering based on a predetermined acceleration level, and delay times before sampling. Max. acceleration on each axis is 16 g and max. recording time at 3.2 kHz is 240 s. The logger uses a USB port for configuration, charging, and downloading the data.

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Company: Midé Technology Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 781-306-0609
Fax: 781-306-0619

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