Variable Raises $1.25 Million in Funding

ATLANTA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Variable Inc., a Chattanooga-based technology startup and developer of the NODE modular wireless sensor platform, announced that it has secured Series A funding in the amount of $1.25 million. Atlanta Technology Angels, Chattanooga Renaissance Fund, Pangea's Edge, the Westcott family, and investors in California, New York, and Texas participated in the funding. The series A funding followed two successful Kickstarter campaigns that raised more than $120,000 collectively.

"Investors and game-changing pioneers across the country have been enthusiastic about supporting us in launching the world?s first wireless sensor platform," said George Yu, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Variable. "This first round will allow us to consolidate our efforts in creating the best possible commercial platform, fuel the launch of our first app developer conference, and ensure continued R&D into state-of-the-art sensors to expand the platform."

NODE was named the "Coolest Gizmo We Found at CES" by CNN this year. NODE launched last Christmas to considerable consumer attention, including multiple stories in Forbes and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Hundreds of Node modules are already in the hands of early adopters, who buy them from But the real opportunity, according to Yu and his team, is in building a reliable, scalable sensor platform for global commercial use.

George Yu, who holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech, created NODE from a prototype sensor he originally designed for a Department of Homeland Security project at NASA?s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. NODE uses an open API, which encourages the app development community to create innovative software applications for the platform.

"NODE escalates how people interact with the physical world," added Yu. "The array of sensors that can be created for this platform is staggering. The smart phone app development community is tapping the NODE platform to imagine life-altering applications."

About Variable
Variable Inc. is a leading developer of wireless sensing technology compatible with smartphone operating systems. By converting environmental attributes beyond the scope of human perception into tangible data, its products enable people to interact with their surroundings in ways not previously possible.

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