Utopia and MetaScale Announce Partnership

MUNDELEIN, IL /PRNewswire/ -- Utopia Inc., a leading enterprise data solutions provider, and MetaScale, a Big Data managed services provider, announced a strategic partnership to provide clients with cloud-based implementations of the SAP HANA platform and the Apache Hadoop framework. The partnership will enable customers to rapidly deploy SAP HANA while also leveraging Hadoop for massive data processing, storage, and computing power needed for Big Data analytics.

"We are pleased to join hands with a best-in-class provider of cloud-based private infrastructure and services for Big Data analytics," said Arvind Singh, Utopia President and CEO. "MetaScale is one of the few experienced managed services providers leveraging the Hadoop framework to provide Big Data as a service to some of the largest and most demanding customers. The combination of Utopia's expertise in SAP, SAP HANA, and enterprise data management with MetaScale's experience in Hadoop and private cloud-based hosted solutions delivers a cutting-edge solution to customers looking for rapid deployment, lower risk, and lower infrastructure costs upfront."

90% of the world's data has been produced in the last two years (source: IDC), and Big Data has the potential to revolutionize business by improving the efficiency of internal processes, predicting trends, gaining unparalleled insight into customers, getting immediate and accurate views of the market, and opening new revenue streams.

"Identifying the right type of data, in the right amounts and at the right time, is absolutely critical to managing the scope of a Big Data implementation," said Singh, speaking at the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando. "The combination of SAP HANA and Hadoop can scale an enterprise's needs almost endlessly. With MetaScale as our strategic partner, we'll be able to provide our customers exactly what they need via customized, hosted, and end-to-end solutions."

Cloud offerings are gaining steam in the industry, as companies increasingly focus on their core business and outsource IT infrastructure and noncore services. Big Data analytics is the perfect candidate for a hosted cloud solution, given its large demands on resources, storage, and computing power.

"Key to a successful Big Data project is to have skilled and experienced resources, as well as a deep understanding of best practices in implementing Hadoop cloud solutions," said Dr. Phil Shelley, MetaScale's founder and CEO. "Utopia brings an unmatched history of innovation and execution in the enterprise data category, and we look forward to working closely with them to deliver this unique hosted Big Data solution capability to SAP customers.

About Utopia
Utopia Inc. is a global Enterprise Data Solutions provider that leverages its proprietary Enterprise Data Lifecycle Management methodology. It serves customers in multiple industries, including oil and gas, mining, utilities, manufacturing, high tech, consumer goods, and retail, with unique methodologies to deliver significant cost savings and improvements that help unleash the true potential of the enterprise. Its solutions include strategic roadmap development, systems integration, data strategy, and master data management, as well as data migration, quality, and governance services.

The company has its global headquarters in Mundelein, IL, just north of Chicago and is celebrating its tenth year in business. Utopia's international presence includes offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, and most recently Latin America.

About MetaScale
MetaScale provides best-in-class, managed services solutions to enterprises looking to unlock the potential in their data without the time, cost, and complexity associated with traditional Big Data initiatives. MetaScale delivers an end-to-end solution so that time is better spent in analyzing or massive-scale batch processing of data in a cloud model. MetaScale provides a full spectrum of services in a private cloud that leverages Hadoop, and helps businesses perform complex analytics and batch-production schedules not possible prior to Hadoop. Part of the Sears Holdings family of companies, MetaScale offers a mix of speed, scale, skills, and end-to-end solutions unavailable anywhere else in the Big Data space.

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