USI to Monetize CAN-Bee Interface Patent

ATLANTA /PRNewswire/ -- The University of Southern Indiana (USI) and Dr. Paul Kuban retained Adapt IP Ventures to monetize their patent covering the CAN-Bee Interface, the name reflecting the creation of a Controller Area Network (CAN) to ZigBee Wireless Personal Area Network interface. The interface integrates conventional hardware components and custom firmware and is covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,991,351 titled "Extension of wired controller area networks to wireless personal area networks."

The inventor, Dr. Paul A. Kuban, an associate professor of engineering, developed and patented an interface that makes the fixed networks found in automotive networks, medical instrumentation consoles, and factory automation systems accessible to the latest standard in wireless networks, incorporating access control, encryption, mesh networking, and other features. The CAN-Bee Interface is low cost, low power, efficient, and secure. Further, the interface has been tested successfully in a factory automation environment and onboard heavy-duty earth-moving equipment. It is available for demonstration to prospective partners.

"This technology enables the vast existing CAN infrastructure to communicate over a standardized wireless network," said Dr. Kuban. "The continued exponential market growth of CAN and ZigBee presents a unique opportunity for application development in vehicle information systems and home automation."

"We are honored to be working with USI and Dr. Kuban on this patent marketing project, and we believe that the demand for this patent will be significant, stated Grant Moss, CEO of Adapt IP Ventures. "The market for wireless sensor technologies, including ZigBee, is in a remarkable growth phase as technology adoption increases and as the need for interoperability between devices increases."

Companies interested in obtaining more information about the CAN-Bee patent should contact Grant Moss of Adapt IP Ventures at [email protected].

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