USB DA Devices from National Instruments

National Instruments
National Instruments, Austin, TX, offers the USB-6210, USB-6211, USB-6215, and USB-6218 that are USB-powered DA devices available with up to thirty-two 16-bit 250 Ksps analog inputs, up to two 16-bit 250 Ksps analog outputs, up to 8 digital I/O, and two 32-bit counter/timers. The devices can perform up to 4 functions simultaneously using the company's signal streaming technology. The USB-6215 and USB-6218 have built-in isolation. Other features include NI-MCal for calibration at every input range to improve measurement accuracy, NI-PGIA 2 family PGAs, and NI-DAQmx driver and measurement services software.

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Company: National Instruments
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