USB-C Buck Charger Frees Up Valuable Real Estate

Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX77860 3A switch-mode USB-C buck charger provides the industry's first integrated USB-C port controller and charger to eliminate the need for a separate host controller, simplifying software development and reducing overall bill-of-materials (BOM) costs. A wide range of consumer electronic devices are migrating to USB-C interfaces to support rapidly advancing communication and battery-charging capabilities, as well as smaller design size. In current designs, the host microprocessor is needed to detect the current level and configure the charger's input current limit. While PCs, laptops and cell phones have driven early adoption, USB-C adoption rates are expected to grow at 8.5% a year through 2020, according to IDTechEx.


To reduce design size and simplify the system hardware and software design, the MAX77860 integrates USB-C configuration channel (CC) port detection and a battery charger for 15W applications. These integrated functions allow battery charging at the fastest rate possible under the USB-C specification and contribute to a 30% smaller design size. The CC pin detection feature also shortens the design effort by eliminating the need to support end-to-end USB port connection and allowing charging to start automatically.


The MAX77860 is priced at $3.03 each/1,000. The MAX77860EVKIT# evaluation kit is available for $70. Learn more by perusing the MAX77860 datasheet and/or call 888-624-7435.

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