US Army Awards BANC3 $15 Million In R&D and Fielded System Contracts

PRINCETON, NJ -- BANC3 has been awarded $15 million in contracts which will enable the company to continue providing research and engineering, software development, and sustainment services for the U.S. Army. Work on these contracts includes:

Providing the CERDEC NVESD research and development for a heads-up, see-through Augmented Reality (AR) system that issues the warfighter coordinated data and video visual from a weapon sight, a special transmitter and an Android apparatus, such as a smartphone. This Soldier Visual Interface Technology (SVIT) will provide better display resolution, brightness, see-through optics, full color visualization and several wireless interfaces.

Providing the CECOM Software Engineering Center [SEC] life cycle Post Production Software Support (PPSS) of the Tactical Internet Management System (TIMS) and network support for the System Deployment Integration and Network (SDIN), and maintenance of cyber posture for SDIN Cyber Security Cell. Requirements also include maintaining SDIN on demand Distributed Testing Environment (DTE), executing the Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise (JUICE) for the Army and Combatant Command.

Providing the CECOM Software Engineering Center [SEC] PPSS services for Financial Disclosure Management (FDM) interactive web-based system including requirements definition, development, testing, and sustainment to support FDM capabilities in the areas of electronic filing and storage of the Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE 278) and Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE 450), required by law to be filed by senior and certain designated officials within the Executive Branch of the Government, and, in connection with the After Government Employment Advice Repository (AGEAR).

"We are honored by the opportunity to continue serving the Army and this important mission, which we have supported for more than 10 years," said BANC3 President Babu Cherukuri. "We are proud to have been selected to work with the Army to ensure our warfighters have the most advanced technologies for decades to come."

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