University of Maryland Scoops Cyber Defense Championship

University of Maryland, Baltimore County defeated nine other finalist teams to win the 2017 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition to become National Champions. Held in San Antonio, TX, April 13-15, the top 10 university teams from across the nation faced off to protect a network against constant cyber attacks. More than 230 colleges and universities participated in regional competitions that led to this year's national championship.

Modeled after real-world scenarios, NCCDC was the first national cybersecurity competition to test how well college students operate and manage a network infrastructure similar to the networks found in the commercial sector. In this year's National Championship, the competing teams worked to secure a multi-site retail corporation with 160 employees, point of sale systems, inventory systems, and other systems you find in a typical retail company.

When the smoke cleared, University of Maryland, Baltimore County earned the highest score and took home the NCCDC Alamo Cup. Raytheon will bring the winning team to Washington, DC this summer to tour some of the nation's top research and national cybersecurity sites. For more info, go to

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