Universities Get Sentiment Analysis Platform For Free

It’s always nice to get something for free and such is the case here. BPU Holdings Corp. (BPU) of Seoul, South Korea and BPU International plan to offer free licenses for its ZimGo sentiment analysis platform to university development partners in Korea and the US. Allegedly, ZimGo is several steps ahead of current natural language processing (NLP) offerings.

While BPU is researching potential ZimGo applications for Law Enforcement, HealthCare, and Education, the company seeks to empower educational partners to advance this technology. Each university receiving free licenses will agree to mutually beneficial milestones while gaining access to the BPU team pioneering this field for more than half a decade.

“It is time to unleash the power of young college developers on the potential for sentiment analysis, machine learning, and the ZimGo platform,” states Oh Sanggyoon, CEO for BPU Holdings. “ZimGo is already ahead of very large competitors with its advanced features. Bright young minds can help us explore applications the world has yet to think of for natural language analytics and deep learning leveraging big data.”

 According to its maker, ZimGo offers great benefits is in the political/governmental area. For example, ZimGo analysis of social media sentiment between US presidential candidates reveals neck-in-neck public positive/negative feeling towards the candidates; something easily learned merely by turning on a radio or TV. But hey, the app is free afterall.

Measuring areas like economy, foreign affairs, healthcare, immigration, income distribution, and Washington culture, the recent debates only minimally affected sentiment; perhaps confirming the level of follower commitment this late in the election process. It’s amazing what one can sell the public!

There is a notable exception in one measured area. Clinton sentiment is more positive in the area of income distribution.  “This kind of social analytics empowers people to make more informed decisions as they seek to deal with the flood of social interactivity and manage their tribe while protecting privacy,” states Craig Burton, legendary technologist, advisor and BPU technical strategy leader.”

Recently announced solutions by large competitors tout limited Sentiment Analysis, as most are announcing simple API’s. BPU Holdings has support for API’s and ZimGo is a complete Sentiment Analysis application.   While these recently announced platforms perform Syntax Analysis one sentence at a time, ZimGo scores entire paragraphs. More importantly, ZimGo has added support for emoticons. While others use a standard dictionary, in the English version due out later this year, slang is also analyzed using configurable dictionaries. ZimGo provides Entity Recognition for people or organizations. Planned Premium versions allow for in-depth analysis over time by person, brand, or entity.

Initially available in Korean, English and Japanese versions will soon be available in limited beta release. Those interested in joining the beta may enroll at http://zimgo.cloud. For more details, visit http://www.bpuholdings.com. Good luck and happy voting and emoting. ~MD


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