UniPixel and Major PC Maker Collaborate

THE WOODLANDS, TX /Marketwire/ -- UniPixel Inc., a provider of performance engineered films to the touch screen, flexible printed electronics, and lighting and display markets, has joined forces with a manufacturer of personal computers to develop and introduce products that feature next-generation touch screens, based on UniPixel's UniBoss pro-cap, multi-touch sensor film.

UniPixel has granted the PC maker a limited exclusive license in the notebook market segment for UniBoss performance engineered film technology that provides the licensee priority development, dedicated production capacity, and preferred pricing. The license can be extended to the PC maker's supply chain, including third-party manufacturing partners, touch panel module manufacturers, controller manufacturers, LCD makers, and original design manufacturers (OEMs). The terms of the agreement and name of the PC maker are confidential.

"The preferred price and capacity license agreement furthers UniPixel's stated go-to-market strategy," said UniPixel president & CEO, Reed Killion. "Our strategy includes offering reduced pricing, dedicated production capacity, and limited exclusives to licensees, while enabling UniPixel to expand production capacity."

"The license agreement also represents a major step toward worldwide commercialization of our UniBoss touch screen technology," continued Killion. "We believe the touch ecosystem recognizes the unique advantages of metal mesh touch sensors, based on our UniBoss additive, roll to roll, flexible electronics process compared with traditional, subtractive, ITO-based, touch sensor solutions."

The advantages of UniBoss touch screen technology include higher touch response and sensitivity, superior touch distinction, better durability, lower power requirements, and extensibility to many sizes and form factors. It also promises lower production costs versus standard ITO-based touch technology, including lower material costs, fewer steps in the manufacturing process, and a simplified supply chain.

About UniPixel
Headquartered in The Woodlands, TX, UniPixel Inc. delivers performance-engineered films to the lighting, display, and flexible electronics markets. UniPixel's high-volume roll-to-roll or continuous flow manufacturing process offers high-fidelity replication of advanced micro-optic structures and surface characteristics over large areas. A key focus for UniPixel is developing electronic conductive films for use in electronic sensors for consumer and industrial applications.

The company's newly developed UniBoss roll-to-roll electronics manufacturing process prints conductive elements on thin film with trace widths down to approximately 5 µm. The company is marketing its films for touch panel sensor, cover glass replacement, protective cover film, antenna, and custom circuitry applications under the UniPixel label, and potentially under private label or OEMs brands. UniPixel's brands include Clearly Superior, Diamond Guard, and others.

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