Ultra-low-power Microcontroller from LAPIS

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LAPIS Semiconductor

The ML610Q792 from LAPIS Semiconductor, San Diego, CA, is an ultra-low-power microcontroller designed for integrated, low-power control of multiple sensors in smartphones. The device incorporates a high-performance 8-bit RISC CPU and 16-bit coprocessor; dual interfaces allow for both sensor connection and connecting to the main chipset. The device logs user environment data and detects user activity without disturbing the host processor. Features include a 48-pin, 3.1 by 3.0 mm WL-CSP form factor, power consumption of 0.6 ±A or less in HALT mode, and built-in 64 KB Flash ROM. A development board with multiple sensors and drivers is provided, along with an SDK.

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Company: LAPIS Semiconductor
Country: United States (USA)

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