Ultra-low-energy Radio from Toumaz

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Toumaz UK Ltd.

The TZ1053 TELRAN from Toumaz UK Ltd., Abindgon, U.K., is an ultra-low-energy (ULE) radio for wireless sensor networks, remote controls, green energy solutions, smart meters, and environmental monitoring. Built on the company's AMx mixed-signal technology, the sub-1 GHz radio SoC offers 1 V operation using a single button cell battery and consumes <3 mW during continuous use. The SoC contains an enhanced 8051 microcontroller running the company's Nanopower Sensor Protocol (NSP) that lets you program and control the device over a standard interface or over the air. Supported networking and communication modes include point-to-point, star network (up to 8 sensor nodes), and basestation-to-basestation. Data rate is 50 kbps with a range >100 m LOS (high-gain antenna) or 20 m (PCB or chip antenna). The chip can directly connect to SPI/I2C sensors. (+44 1235-438950, fax +44 1235-438970, [email protected], www.toumaz.com)

Contact Info

Company: Toumaz UK Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: (+44 1235-438950
Fax: +44 1235-438970

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