Triaxial IMU from Analog Devices

Triaxial IMU from Analog Devices
Analog Devices Inc.

The ADIS16355 iMEMS inertial measurement unit from Analog Devices Inc., Norwood, MA, provides 6 DOF motion measurement in a less than 1 in. cube for applications such as vehicle-mounted cameras and antennas, commercial aircraft guidance units, robotics, and prosthetics. The device combines MEMS gyros and accelerometers to provide 3 axes of angular rate sensing and 3 axes of acceleration sensing. It features factory calibration, a simple programmable interface, full-temperature-range calibration, and bias temperature stability of 0.005°/s/°C. The SPI port lets you program filtering, sample rate, power management, self-test, and sensor condition status and alarms.

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Company: Analog Devices Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 781-329-4700

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