Triangulation Sensor from iC-Haus

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iC-Haus GmbH

The iC-LO from iC-Haus GmbH, Bodenheim, Germany, is a triangulation sensor SoC for use in diffuse reflective photoelectric sensors with switching outputs. The device includes the photodiodes, LED driver, microcontroller interface, signal conditioning circuitry, and signal filter unit. To create a triangulation measurement setup you need the iC-LO, a transmitting LED, and a low-cost microcontroller. Two AC amplifiers are integrated with the optical array to enable suppression of interference and ambient light. Dynamic range is 100 dB and measurement rates are up to 13.9 kHz. Two antivalent switching outputs provide data and an additional output provides a weak-received-light alarm.

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Company: iC-Haus GmbH
Country: Germany
Phone number: +49 6135-9292-0
Fax: +49 6135-9292-192

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