Transient Recorder Cards from Strategic Test

Transient Recorder Cards from Strategic Test
Strategic Test Corp.

Strategic Test Corp., Woburn, MA, offers six new transient recorder cards in the UF2-4700 Series, with max. sampling rates of 100 Ksps, 250 Ksps, and 500 Ksps. Cards are available in 8- or 16-channel configurations and use multiple 16-bit ADCs for resolution better than 14.9 ENOB, better than 91 dB SNR, THD <101 dB, and SFDR better than 108.9 dB. Each channel is user-programmable for voltage ranges from ±50 mV to ±10 V. Cards can continuously transfer data to the host PC at up to 112 Msps; you can also continuously record to hard disks set up in a RAID configuration at up to 105 Msps.

Contact Info

Company: Strategic Test Corp.
Phone number: 866-898-3278/617-621-0080
Fax: 617-621-1414

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