Trace Chemical Detection System from Sionex

Trace Chemical Detection System from Sionex
Sionex Corp.

The microAnalyzer from Sionex Corp., Bedford, MA, is an integrated system that can detect, identify, and measure minute quantities of chemicals in air or vaporized liquids at the point of collection. The device combines an oven-less gas chromatographic (GC) separation module and the company's microDMx differential mobility spectroscopy sensor. Sensitivity is typical in the ppt range and the microDMx technology enables processing times between 30 s and 5 min. The modular design allows the use of different traps and GC columns to tailor it for a specific application. Other features include a touchscreen display, ability to set a separate alarm level for each target compound, and a size of 9.5 in. by 5.25 in by 3.5 in.

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Company: Sionex Corp.
Phone number: 781-457-5400

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