Second-Generation Wireless IC

ZMD AG, Dresden, Germany offers its ZMD44102 second-generation RF transceiver IC and starter kits that comply with IEEE 802.15.4 and are designed for use in ZigBee applications. The transceiver operates in both 902–928 MHz and 868–870 MHz bands. Features include range of >250 m at 0 dBm, ultra-low-power operation modes, data transmissions up to 40 Kbps, and a thin-hardware MAC at the physical layer of the radio. The ZMD44102SKB starter kit bundle includes hardware, software, documentation, and sensor network analyzer. (631-549-2666, [email protected].

Optical Encoder Engines

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Avago Technologies, San Jose, CA, offers AEDA-3300 Series optical encoder engines for installation in a customer-supplied housing. The encoders are available in 600–20,000 cpr resolutions, and speeds up to 12,000 rpm, depending on resolution. Features include operating frequencies up to 1 MHz (for resolutions <10,000 cpr) and 650 kHz (for resolutions from 10,000–20,000 cpr), 2-channel quadrature and gated index channel outputs, and an integrated RS-422 differential line driver. (800-235-0312, [email protected],

Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The HTTP from Hedland, Racine, WI, is a portable transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter that clamps to the outside of the pipe and provides instantaneous rate and accumulated flow measurements. Features include bidirectional flow capability, communication via a PC serial port and an IR serial adapter, and software for configuration, calibration, and troubleshooting. The meter is supplied with transducers, a 20 ft. interconnection cable, acoustic couplant, mounting hardware, AC power converter and 12 VDC converter, IR adapter, 4–20 mA interface cable, and a manual. (800-433-5263, [email protected],

Current Data Logger

The OM-CP-OCTPROCESS from Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT, is a portable battery-powered data logger that measures and records current from ±1.5 mA to ±120 mA, depending on model. The device records up to 16,383 current measurements through each of its 8 input channels. Features include a 16-bit ADC for 0.01 mA resolution; the ability to define units, scale factors, and offset values; and the ability to retrieve data by plugging the logger into the COM port of a computer. (800-826-6342, [email protected],

RH Sensor

Available in wall, duct, or OSA mounting configurations, the RH sensor from Minco, Minneapolis, MN, provides system accuracies of ±1%. The humidity sensor combines an IC with a stable polymer element and a platinum RTD for temperature compensation and uses a sintered SS filter to protect it from condensation. Features include temperature compensation, optional temperature output, 2-point field calibration, and NIST-traceable calibrations. (763-571-3121, [email protected],

Spring-Loaded LVDTs

Macro Sensors, Pennsauken, NJ, offers GHSE 750 spring-loaded position sensors available in ranges of 2.5–100 mm and with max. linearity error of ±0.25% of F.S. output. The 24 V sensors consist of a spring-loaded shaft running in a precision sleeve bearing, connected to the LVDT core. Features include SS construction, sealed coil windings, built-in electronics, operation from 15–24 VDC supplies, and a precalibrated 0–10 VDC output. (856-662-8000, [email protected],

Visual/Thermal Security Camera

The Thermal-Eye 2400xp from L-3 Communications Infrared Products, Dallas, TX, is a dual-sensor thermal imaging and visual camera for military, law enforcement, executive security, covert operations, and other security applications. The camera uses a BST thermal imager to provide a 320 3 240 pixel image and a fully automatic, high-resolution CCD with 25X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom. The CCD is a low-lux near-IR camera to enable regular daytime and low-light operations. (972-528-1300,

Contact Image Sensor

Alternative Vision Corp., Tucson, AZ, offers the Tichawa Vision Mini-CIS that provides contact image scanning for computer vision systems and custom document scanners. Available in 4 models, with 100, 200, 400, or 600 dpi resolution over a 216 mm active length, the device includes an internal red LED illuminator, a GRIN lens focused at the outer surface of the glass window, and a video processor. A serial port in the CameraLink base interface lets you adjust gain and offset. (520–615-4073,

Wireless Modem Firmware

BlueTree Wireless Data Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada, offers Firmware release 2.0 that broadens the capabilities of its IP and GPS Series wireless modems for fleet management, field-service automation, and SCADA. Firmware release 2.0 provides GPS content in both NMEA and TAIP formats, enables access to I/O through standard automotive-style connectors, and lets you customize message content. It also adds remote management and event reporting and upgraded sensor connectivity. (514-422-9110,

Strain Transducer

The BDI strain transducer from Bridge Diagnostics Inc., Boulder, CO, is designed to measure strain on bridges, buildings, cranes, and other civil structures and can be installed within minutes on steel, concrete, timber, and FRP members. The full Wheatstone bridge sensor has 2% accuracy. You can instrument a structure at 50–60 locations in <1 day. Transducers are reusable with periodic NIST-traceable recalibrations. (303-494-3230,

Distance Measurement Sensor

The PMD laser sensor from IFM Efector Inc., Exton, PA, has a 10 m sensing range, has a 42 3 42 mm housing, and is designed to provide noncontact distance measurement for industrial applications. A 4-digit alphanumeric display indicates measured distance within a few millimeters and lets you program the sensor for 2 set points or 1 set point and a 4–20 mA analog output proportional to object-to-sensor distance. (800-441-8246, [email protected],

Wireless Sensor Networking System

The Sensicast Wireless Advantage from Sensicast Systems Inc., Needham, MA, integrates sensors, software, and mesh networking devices, through its SensiNet mesh networking technology, to allow plant/building managers to quickly deploy sensors. The system combines SensiNet sensor nodes, small battery-powered wireless nodes connecting a variety of popular sensor types to the Seniscast wireless mesh network; SensiNet mesh node wireless mesh network repeaters; SensiNet Gateway software gateways to connect the network to software applications and the Internet; and OnCall application software. (781-453-2555, [email protected],

Compact Vision System

A compact multifunctional vision system, the SmallFrEYE_PC from The Value Engineering Alliance (VEA), Cambridge, MA, was originally developed for manufacture of electronic devices and components. Its architecture supports multitasking and its modular software design lets you combine and exercise various functional blocks as needed. Primary modules include part detection, mark inspection/OCV, 2D ball grid array inspection, chip-scale packaging pad inspection, ECC080 and ECC200 data matrix decoding, OCR, and general-purpose measuring tools. (617-492-1252, [email protected],

Universal Transmitter

The Model 682A06 from IMI Sensors Div., PCB Piezotronics Inc., Depew, NY, is a programmable, DIN rail mountable universal transmitter that provides loop power for the company's 4–20 mA vibration sensors. The transmitter has a detachable display and, once programmed, lets you save configurations in the display unit for mirrored installation on subsequent modules. The device accepts inputs from all 640 Series vibration transmitters as well as from VDC, ohm, RTD, thermocouple, and potentiometer inputs. (800-959-4464, [email protected],

SS Pressure Sensor

The Metallux ME680 from Servoflo Corp., Lexington, MA, accepts high-pressure measurements and is available with ranges from 0–10 bar up to 400 bar. Overpressure is >2 3 nominal overpressure, burst pressure is 5 3 greater than nominal pressure, and linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability is better than ±0.5% F.S. The SS device is suited for use in hydraulic and water system, high-pressure, and refrigeration applications. (781-862-9572, [email protected],

Digital Signal Conditioner

The CellMite Model 4337 from Electro Standards Labs, Cranston, RI, connects to a standard strain gauge transducer and simultaneously generates a serial output and a scalable ±10 V analog output. Features include a 16-character auto identifying display; storage for 3 calibrated sensors; and operation with a computer or as a stand-alone unit. When a TEDS-Tag capable sensor is connected, the unit identifies it and automatically loads its calibration data and display configuration. (401-943-1164, [email protected],

Continuous Level Transmitter

For continuous level measurement in liquids and bulk solids, the Levelflex M from Endress+Hauser Inc., Greenwood, IN, is a top-mounted compact transmitter with guided radar. It can reliably handle measurements of powdery and granular bulk materials, even with dust clouds from pneumatic filling, and can also measure liquids despite foam and turbulent surfaces. The device has a range of up to 100 ft. Interfaces include HART, 4–20 mA, Profibus-PA, and Foundation fieldbus. (888-363-7377, [email protected],

Interoperability Kit

The Fieldbus Foundation, Austin, TX, offers its enhanced H1 interoperability test kit (ITK) v5.0 that now lets you test Foundation fieldbus devices using current Device Description 5.0 files. The test kit verifies the functionality of an H1 device and its conformity with the Foundation fieldbus Function Block and Transducer Block specifications and includes all hardware and software required. Multi-bit alarm testing now tests for single and multi-bit alarms; block instantiation is now as specified in the capabilities file; and testing for valid/invalid behavior during common software download has been added. (512-794-8890, x-21, [email protected],

Analog Output Modules

The USB-3110, USB-3112, and USB-3114 from Measurement Computing Corp., Middleboro, MA, are 16-bit high-drive, USB, analog output modules compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports. The USB-3110 offers 4 analog voltage outputs, 8 digital I/O, and a 32-bit event counter. The USB-3112 has 8 analog voltage outputs and the USB-3114 has 16 voltage outputs. A bidirectional synchronization pin lets you update the DAC outputs simultaneously on multiple devices. (508-946-5100,

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