To Drone Or Not To Drone, No Longer Needs To Be ‘The Question’

Okay, you are out for a nice walk on a mild spring day. The trees are just starting to leaf up, some flowers are poking their brightly colored noses up through the dirt, the sun is shining across a cool breeze, and there is no sign of virus-bearing mosquitoes, yet. In essence, you are having a pretty decent day.

All of a sudden and strictly out of nowhere, a deep-seated feeling of anxiety invades your idyllic environment. You break out in a cold sweat, your hands shake, your mouth goes dry, and you feel an eerie sense of loss. You get a chill you just cannot shake. You think, “Am I getting sick? Should I go home? Should I call nine-one-one for an ambulance”?

You soon realize that it has been an eternal 3.7631 minutes since you last looked at your smartphone, and even longer than that since you sent or received a text message. Phone in hand and thumbs a blazing, you still cannot shake this feeling of impending doom. Moreover, the feeling intensifies the more aggressively you interface with your mobile device.

When your feelings of anxiety, paranoia, deprivation, and abandonment reach their pinnacle, you realize the source. You are feeling drone deprived! That’s right, you read right; a good old-fashioned case of drone deprivation has side swiped your otherwise perfect day.

Drone deprivation is a feeling not easily assuaged, mainly because walking around with a full-sized drone and peripherals can be quite cumbersome, impractical, and downright inconvenient. However, let not your heart be troubled and brain be taxed. Relief is on the way!

Chinese company Zerotech has a solution for the symptoms of drone withdrawal. Recently launched, the company’s DOBBY embarks as a compact drone that comfortably fits in one’s pocket. It is an AI-powered drone featuring object tracking and facial recognition and is optimized for photography.

DOBBY is capable of taking pictures via both voice and gesture controls. The drone can also take off by voice control or by one click on its app. It also supports flying around by gesture control.

Patented fold-up technology enables DOBBY to be the size of an iPhone 6 plus, which can fit quite easily in a pocket.  With Qualcomm Snapdragon inside, DOBBY supports indoor and outdoor scenarios. For more details and a quick drone fix, visit


Beijing, China


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