TMR Angle Sensor from NVE

TMR Angle Sensor from NVE
NVE Corp.

NVE Corp., Eden Prairie, MN, offers the AAT001-10E tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) angle sensor. TMR is a spintronic quantum effect that produces a dramatic resistance change in a normally insulating layer, depending on the magnetic field and predominant electron spin in a free layer. The device has four TMR elements configured as an angle sensor with full quadrature sine and cosine outputs. Supplied in a 2.5 by 2.5 mm 6-pin TDFN package, the device uses a saturating magnetic field of 30–200 Oe in the plane of the sensor, supplied by an external bar or split-pole magnet. Applications include rotary encoders, automotive rotary sensors, motor shaft position sensors, and knob position sensors.

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Company: NVE Corp.
Phone number: 800-467-7141

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