Tiny Digital MEMS Microphone from Akustica

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Akustica Inc.

The AKU230 from Akustica Inc., part of the Bosch Group, Pittsburgh, PA, is a single-chip digital MEMS microphone for high-quality voice applications in laptops, tablets, and netbook PCs. The monolithic microphone die contains the microphone membrane, amplifier, and sigma delta converter and is 0.84 by 0.84 mm. Features include –26 dBFS ±2 dB sensitivity, 56 dB typical SNR, –57 dBFS power supply rejection, highly matched sensitivity control and stereo-microphone data multiplexing, immunity to RFI and EMI, and a form factor, interface circuitry, and performance designed to industry standards. The device has a 3.76 mm by 4.72 mm footprint and is 1.25 mm tall.

Contact Info

Company: Akustica Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 412-390-1730
Fax: 412-390-1737

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