Tiny Data Recorder Brandishes IP68 Rating

The SLICE IP68 data acquisition system captures physical signals in challenging environments. For applications with size or mass constraints, the unit’s 60 x 60 mm footprint makes it easy to embed in most test articles while the rugged housing is impervious to shock, water, and dust.


SLICE features onboard signal conditioning, supporting a variety of external sensors including bridge and IEPE transducers for gathering critical measurements like acceleration, displacement, strain, pressure, temperature, voltage and more. Data direct-writes to 16 GB internal flash memory. Based on the company’s popular SLICE NANO and MICRO, the three-channel sensor input layers are stacked and configurable up to 24-channels.  Higher channel count systems are created by daisy-chaining SLICE stacks together. SLICE IP68 is ideal for off-road testing, vehicle ride and handling (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), heavy equipment, UAV and marine applications. More details and specs are available as well as a datasheet.

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