Timbercon and CGR to Collaborate

LAKE OSWEGO, OR /Marketwire. -- Timbercon Inc., a fiber-optic product and solution manufacturing company, has expanded its technology capabilities again. Focused on offering the most comprehensive suite of fiber-optic solutions, Timbercon is pleased to announce a technology collaboration with Columbia Gorge Research (CGR), the leading research and development company in the field of fiber-optic Bragg grating (FBG) sensor technology.

Timbercon will be responsible for FBG cable assemblies, overall marketing and sales, and the development of operational software and integration of development FBG sensor kits for educational and industrial laboratory use. CGR will be responsible for training, application development, technical support, and roadmap direction. "Our partnership with CGR will allow Timbercon to provide our customers with more than just products, it will allow us to provide them with the technical expertise necessary to make FBG sensors successful solutions for their applications and requirements," said John Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing for Timbercon.

CGR has been actively involved in research and training in the FBG sensor market and maintains over 15 patent licenses or cross-licenses for the technology. Eric Udd, President of CGR, is considered one of the premier experts in this technology field and published "Fiber Optic Sensors: An Introduction for Engineers and Scientists," Wiley, 1991, with a 2nd edition to be published this year. Mr. Udd won the David Richardson Medal from the Optical Society of America (OSA) in 2009 for fiber-optic sensing technology and his work on fiber-optic smart structures. He is a Fellow of McDonnell Douglas, SPIE, and OSA. He has chaired over 30 international conferences on fiber-optic sensor technology, has published over 150 technical papers, and has over 40 issued patents.

About Timbercon
Founded in 1997, Timbercon Inc. is a fiber-optic product and solution manufacturing company, providing a vast array of connectivity solutions to the data storage, telecommunications, military, industrial, broadcast and, networking industries. In addition to standard fiber optic patch cords and attenuated loopbacks, Timbercon has pioneered proprietary products, many of which are now considered industry benchmarks.

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