TiaLinx Launches All-Terrain Mini-Robot

NEWPORT BEACH, CA /PRNewswire/ -- TiaLinx Inc., a developer of miniaturized mm-wave radars, with integrated radio and antenna arrays, announced the launch of the Cougar10-L. The all-terrain mini-robot system can perform as a sense-through-the-wall imager, as well as an underground UXO and cavity-detection unit, controlled at an extended standoff distance.

The lightweight and agile mini-robot, with tractable arm, can be integrated with TiaLinx's variety of ultra-wideband (UWB), multi-gigahertz RF sensors for extended standoff surveillance of a premise for moving objects, as well as scanning for underground objects. TiaLinx's UWB RF imaging development was sponsored by a SBIR Phase II from the Army's PEO AMMO, PM-CCS.

Through a software-controlled interface integrated into a laptop, Cougar10-L can be remotely guided at lengthened ranges to perform mission-critical tasks. Integrated multiple cameras allow day and night visibility of a premise under surveillance for enhanced situational awareness.

The RF scanner is mounted on a lightweight arm and transmits wideband signals that are directional and can penetrate reinforced concrete walls at an extended range. In the receiver, a signal detector circuit is used to capture the reflections from targets. Amplitude and delay information are then processed in an integrated signal processor.

"TiaLinx's Cougar10-L solution addresses two distinct functions: scanning and imaging concealed objects behind a barrier, vertically as well as horizontally," commented Dr. Fred Mohamadi, founder and CEO of TiaLinx. "The disruptive sense-through-the-wall imaging technology from TiaLinx has been integrated with an easy-to-carry, lightweight mini-robot to operate at standoff, hence keeping the operator out of harm's way. The remote wired or wireless real-time imaging minimizes the sense-to-reaction time significantly. Cougar10-L is available for rapid fielding, and it costs a fraction of the systems from other suppliers that have limited functionality, designed for horizontal-only flat surfaces. Further modifications are ongoing to provide remote sensing of movements in multi-story buildings."

About TiaLinx
TiaLinx Inc. is a privately held company that develops advanced electronic modules, with very small form factor, highly integrated functionality, and advanced performance for a wide range of military and commercial applications. Using its 37 granted patents and many more pending patent applications, specifically related to the on-chip and wafer-scale beamforming and phased arrays, and high-power miniature V-band power amplifiers and transmitters, the company is uniquely positioned to supply robust RF imaging devices economically by enabling revolutionary advancements in semiconductor and subsystem designs. Since 2006, TiaLinx has received 7 Phase II and CPP awards from various government agencies.

TiaLinx was the recipient of the 2010 Defense News Technology and Innovation Award for its Eagle5-P product, selected by a panel of experts who recognized recent advances in defense technologies by U.S. companies and defense agencies. In all, the panel considered more than 80 nominations of products that came to market last year.

In December 2010, VME and Critical Systems recognized the high-power V-band transmitter and receiver of TiaLinx as Editor's Product of Choice.

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